How Does A Novice Use A Nail Grinder To Remove Nails?

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Nail removal is an important step in the manicure process, and using a manicure drill to remove nail polish can more efficiently remove gel or polish from your nails. The following are the steps and precautions for professional nail polish removal:

1. Nail polishing machine operation---removing nail polish and gel

Installation Steps:
1.Rotate the buckle to the left
2.Take out the needle inside
3.Insert the desired grinding head
4.Rotate right to lock the bayonet
5.Push the grinding head by hand to confirm that it is installed tightly and will not fall off.

① When the grinder is not in use, the steel needle or grinding head must be inserted into the grinder to keep the grinder in a locked state.
② If the grinder is in an empty lock or loose state for a long time, it will cause various problems such as necrosis of the grinder rotary lock, noise, vibration and so on.


Electric armor removal steps:

1. Start by adjusting the rotation speed to 1000RPM (press the F position with your right hand and the R position with your left hand) and gently rub off the nail polish on your nails. (Vertical: from top to bottom) Always keep the attachment sliding gently on the nail surface, grinding layer by layer without applying force downwards, and go with the force to avoid excessive wear.

2. Change to a smaller grinding head (when changing other grinding heads during nail polishing, be sure to turn off the power first) and polish the nail polish glue on the crescent part of the nail. (Horizontal: from right to left)

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