The Working Principle Of Uv Led Dual Light Source Nail Art Lamp

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UV LED dual light source nail art lamp combines the advantages of ultraviolet (UV) and light-emitting diode (LED) light sources to provide faster and more efficient gel curing. Here’s how this nail lamp works:

How The Nail Lamp Works

1.Dual light source design:
  • UV light source: Traditional UV lamps usually emit ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 320nm and 400nm, mainly UVA and a small amount of UVB. These wavelengths effectively activate the photoinitiators in nail polish.
  • LED light source: LED lamp beads emit light of a specific wavelength, usually between 365nm and 405nm. These wavelengths partially overlap with those of UV light sources, but LED light sources are generally more concentrated and efficient.
2.Photoinitiator activation:
  • Nail gel contains photoinitiators, chemicals that are activated by light of specific wavelengths. The light emitted simultaneously by UV and LED light sources can activate a wider range of photoinitiators and improve curing efficiency.
  • UV light source activates traditional photoinitiators, while LED light source can quickly activate new photoinitiators, allowing the nail glue to cure faster.
3.Free radical generation and polymerization reactions:
  • The activated photoinitiator generates free radicals, which react with the monomer molecules in the nail glue to form a polymerization reaction.
  • The monomer molecules connect to each other under the action of free radicals to form a cross-linked polymer structure, which changes the nail glue from liquid to solid.
4.Curing process:
  • Due to the dual light source design, the UV LED nail art lamp can complete the gel curing faster. UV light source provides deep curing, ensuring complete hardening of the inside of the gel, while LED light source provides rapid surface curing, allowing the gel to reach a dry and hardened state faster.
  • Usually, the curing time of this dual-light nail lamp is shorter, generally between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on the type and thickness of the nail glue.


  1. Fast and efficient: The dual light source design allows the nail polish to be completely cured in a shorter time, improving the efficiency of the nail polish process.
  2. Wide application: Compatible with multiple types of nail glue, including UV glue and LED glue, providing greater flexibility.
  3. Uniform curing: The combination of UV and LED light sources ensures that the nail glue is cured evenly on both the surface and inside, avoiding incomplete curing.
  4. Less heat: Compared with traditional UV lights, LED lights produce less heat, are more comfortable to use and reduce skin discomfort.
  • Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions for your nail lamp and nail glue to ensure the best results.
  • Protect your skin: Try to avoid direct and prolonged exposure of your skin to light sources. Use protective gloves or sunscreen.
  • Regular maintenance: Check and maintain the nail art lamp regularly to ensure that the light source is working properly to obtain the best curing effect.

UV LED dual light source nail lamp provides a more efficient and fast nail glue curing solution by combining UV and LED light sources. This design not only improves curing efficiency, but also expands the applicable nail glue types, providing users with a more convenient and versatile nail art experience.

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