Will the Pen-shaped Part of the Nail Drill Machine Heat up After Long-term Use?
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A nail grinder is a device used to trim nails, commonly used in nail salons and personal homes. After long-term use, the pen-shaped part of the nail grinder may become hot, which is normal. However, if you find that the nail grinder is overheating or has an unusual smell, you should stop using it immediately and check whether the equipment is normal.

Regarding the time of continuous use, it is generally recommended not to use the nail grinder for more than 15 minutes at a time to avoid overheating of the device due to overuse. If you need to use it continuously, you can give the nail grinder some time to cool down between each use.

Here are some things to note when using a nail grinder:

1. Keep it clean: Be sure to clean the pen-shaped part of the nail polisher before and after use.

2. Adjust the speed: Most nail polishers come with different speed settings. Before you start using it, choose the appropriate speed. Generally speaking, lower speeds are suitable for trimming natural nails, while higher speeds are suitable for trimming artificial nails.

3. Avoid over-trimming: When using a nail grinder, avoid over-trimming your nails. Over-trimming can lead to brittle and sensitive nails. Always maintain your nails’ natural shape and don’t trim them too short.

4. Avoid excessive force: You don’t need to use too much force to use the nail grinder. Gently move the nail grinder and let the rotating part of the device do the trimming work on its own.

5. Pay attention to guidance and safety: If it is the first time to use a nail grinder, it is best to read the instruction manual of the equipment, or use it under the guidance of an experienced person. Make sure the device’s plugs and cables are not damaged to avoid electric shock or other safety issues.

6. Regular maintenance: Regularly check the parts of the nail grinder to make sure they are not loose or worn. If any problems are discovered, stop using it immediately and consider repairing or replacing the nail grinder.

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