Do Nail Lamps Really Turn Your Hands Black?

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Nail lamps (including ultraviolet (UV) and LED lamps) are often used to cure (dry) nail polish so that it dries faster. There is some controversy about the issue that nail art light therapy lamps will darken hands, but based on existing research and experience, nail art light therapy lamps are unlikely to cause darkening of hand skin under normal use.

The UV radiation produced by a manicure lamp is relatively small, and the exposure time is usually short, so it is unlikely to cause changes in skin color.

A nail lamp is a device used to cure (dry) nail polish. It is mainly divided into two types: ultraviolet (UV) light and LED (Light Emitting Diode) light. Both lamps use ultraviolet light sources to help nail polish dry quickly in minutes, making the manicure long-lasting.

Nail lamps mainly use ultraviolet (UV) light or LED (Light Emitting Diode) light sources to cure (dry) nail polish. Different types of nail lamps use different light sources, but the basic principles are similar.

What is the principle of nail lamp?

1.Principle of ultraviolet (UV) nail lamp: UV nail lamp uses ultraviolet fluorescent lamp tube as the light source. Ultraviolet light produces ultraviolet radiation in a specific wavelength range (usually between 365 and 405 nanometers), which can trigger the polymerization of the photosensitizer (a special type of chemical) in nail polish. During this process, the molecules in the photosensitizer combine together to quickly harden the liquid nail polish into a solid form, creating beautiful nails.

2.Principle of LED nail lamp: LED nail lamp uses LED light source, and LED lamp has a narrower wavelength range, usually between 365 and 405 nanometers. Compared to UV lamps, LED lamps have faster curing speeds because they can provide high-intensity light in a short period of time. The LED light cures faster and generates less heat, reducing discomfort to the hand skin.

During the manicure process, the nail polish applied to the nails contains special photosensitizers that can be activated by ultraviolet or LED light sources, thereby triggering the curing process. The UV or LED light source provided by the nail lamp can cure the nail polish into a solid surface in a few minutes, so that the nails stay beautiful and long-lasting.

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