Achieve Quick Drying Times with Iksbeauty Nail Lamp: A Must-Have for Efficient Gel Manicures


Are you tired of waiting around for your gel nail polish to dry? Look no further than the NL40 Nail Lamp, a revolutionary product designed to accelerate the drying process and provide you with quick, salon-quality results. In this article, we will explore the features of the NL40 Nail Lamp and how it can help you achieve efficient and flawless gel manicures in no time.

Cutting-Edge LED Technology:

The NL40 Nail Lamp utilizes advanced LED technology, which offers significant advantages over traditional UV lamps. With its powerful LED bulbs, the NL40 provides faster and more efficient curing times, reducing drying time by up to 50%. Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods and hello to beautifully dry gel nails in a matter of seconds.

how long to cure gel polish under uv light

Dual Light Source and Smart Sensor:

Equipped with both UV and LED light sources, the NL40 Nail Lamp ensures compatibility with a wide range of gel nail polishes. The smart sensor automatically detects when you place your hand inside the lamp and starts the curing process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This convenient feature saves time and guarantees precise drying for each coat.

Spacious and Ergonomic Design:

The NL40 Nail Lamp boasts a spacious interior that can accommodate all five fingers or toes simultaneously. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and hassle-free experience during your gel manicure. The lamp’s removable base plate allows for easy cleaning and convenient access to your nails, ensuring thorough drying and optimal results.

Adjustable Timer Settings:

Customize your gel manicure experience with the NL40’s adjustable timer settings. Choose between 30-second, 60-second, or 90-second intervals, depending on your preferred level of drying time. Whether you’re in a rush or desire a leisurely drying experience, the NL40 Nail Lamp offers flexibility to cater to your specific needs.

LCD Display and Memory Function:

The built-in LCD display of the NL40 Nail Lamp provides clear and intuitive information about the selected timer setting and remaining drying time. Additionally, the lamp features a convenient memory function that remembers your previous timer setting, allowing for seamless and consistent drying for subsequent applications.

Safe and Energy-Efficient:

The NL40 Nail Lamp prioritizes safety and energy efficiency. Its low heat emission protects your skin from potential discomfort or burns, while the energy-saving LED bulbs consume minimal power, reducing electricity costs in the long run. Enjoy worry-free and eco-friendly gel manicures with this reliable nail lamp.


Say goodbye to endless waiting and hello to efficient gel manicures with the NL40 Nail Lamp. Its cutting-edge LED technology, dual light source, smart sensor, spacious design, adjustable timer settings, LCD display, and energy-efficient features make it a must-have tool for nail enthusiasts. Enhance your gel manicure experience with the NL40 and achieve flawlessly dried, long-lasting nails in no time. Contact us to learn more and make the Iksbeauty Nail Lamp a valuable addition to your nail care routine.

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